This dashboard shares information on the health of the Tourism Sector in New Brunswick. It indicates, where visitors are from, when they visit, and how New Brunswickers are feeling in regard to hosting these visitors.

Visits to New Brunswick

In this tab you will see the total overnight visits to New Brunswick and the origin of those visitors.
How do we calculate this?

Data is aggregated and compared on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis versus the previous month, quarter and year.

Data is selected from devices that can reliably infer their Daily and Yearly Common Evening Locations.

Data has been anonymized, standardized and normalized leveraging demographic data and PRIZM, a neighbourhood segmentation system.

Visits/Trips = the number of times an individual travels 60 km or more away from their common evening location and spent 1 or more nights in New Brunswick before returning to their common evening location.

Common Evening Location (CEL) = Used to infer the device home location (where the device is normally seen between 6PM and 8AM the following morning) over the last 365 days; The common evening location is assigned to the closest Postal Code.

VisitorView is developed by Environics Analytics. It creates overnight visitation estimates using a combination of privacy-compliant, anonymous mobile location data, administrative datasets and analytics.

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